Business consulting and engineering with tangible customer value

High level of performance, confirmed by facts and opinions of the business community

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Focus on identifying problems, speed, search and implementation of the most effective solution – with tangible value for the customer

Adaptability and personification of services (building of unique teams of professionals for a specific task, flexible tools and approaches)


Bright and determined personalities at the core of business and project management, capable of communication and interaction at all levels of management and ready to bear personal responsibility for the result

Niche and clear focus

Offering solutions only in those areas in which substantial expertise has been developed:

  • Upgrading business operating models, implementing and supporting organizational changes
  • Development of functional and operational strategies
  • Supply chain management / SCM (including in infrastructure megaprojects)
  • Optimization and automation of business processes, introduction of advanced IT solutions 
  • Management accounting and controlling

Applied Russian background with international experience and access to global competencies

  • Unique expertise in real industries
  • BRIGHT was created and managed by business practitioners who have passed an impressive "school" in the Russian-British TNK-BP company
  • A deep understanding of the local aspect, an experience of the best practices in the Russian environment are the answer to the relevance of the problems of import substitution services
  • Access to international competencies and well-established relationships with industry and subject experts
  • Created and managed by
    business practitioners
  • We speak the same language 
    with the customers
  • We have been in the market since 2010., an experience of the creators in the large Russian business and joint ventures - since 1997

Courage, ambitiousness, willingness to solve large problems and bring in targeted improvements

  • Broad experience in implementing large-scale projects at the intersection of business functions and with many stakeholders that require advanced implementation methods
  • Express diagnostics and ability to offer the targeted solutions to the customer aimed at eliminating gaps (zonal inefficiency) and bringing quick returns

60/40 –
ratio of "long" complex projects and low-cost “quick wins” in the project portfolio

Diversity in the team and continuous development

Combined team of subject specialists with extensive industry experience and consultants who have been trained by international consulting companies

Focus on the accumulation and continuous development of competences within the company, creation of a productive environment for the exchange of experience and supporting the creative process

70/30 –
ratio of practitioners and consultants in BRIGHT and in the project teams