Feasibility study of the potential construction sites to build the supply base for off-shore oilfield projects

Project objective: Justification of alternative selection to make an investment decision on building supply base for off-shore oilfield projects 

Completed works:

  • Field audit of layout options for the Integrated Operations Base for offshore projects
  • Infrastructure inspection
  • Analysis of required industrial capacity according to the field development target schedule
  • Investment appraisal.
  • Evaluation of risks and their mitigation effects
  • Development of financial and economic model for site selection substantiation

Work results:

  • Inspection of 4 sites, completing express evaluation of each site to appraise investments in construction/modernization required for bringing the asset into line with Customer’s preliminary technical requirements to choose 1 of 4 options.

    Completing the following activities for the selected option:

  • survey of the area, buildings and structures, cranes, quay wall, railway siding,
  • developing a preliminary plan solution,
  • forming a detail plan for capital investments into the asset construction/modernization.
  • Based on financial and economic modeling, determining the main and backup options for Integrated Operations Base location; developing recommendations and activity plan for project implementation

Measurable value:

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