Project objective: Increase efficiency of operations in supply and construction, based on creation of specialized shared services unit, using SLA in relationship with the customer. This also helped to avoid conflict of interests between core company business and supported functions (S&C) when they were inside.

Project objective: implement a new integrated tool to manage the supply and logistics with significantly better accuracy and efficiency. The tool helps to forecast the demand, logistics and infrastructure constraints, to build contracts map with link to Major Project schedule and lead times, etc.

Project objective: Improving the quality of the procurement processes and the introduction of new procurement tools in the unit. Service level agreement (SLA) improvements up to 7%.

Project objective: To form SCM target model for large greenfield projects being implemented in BU "Exploration & Production", with a particular impact on infrastructure projects stages, including organizational structure optimization, business processes, procedures and practices in a field of SCM, figuring on the best local and worldwide examples. 

Project objective: Due to "go-live" of the new plant, the regional demand from production company divisions gets doubled that leads to necessity to consolidate the demand in a new unit. Effects: increase in production efficiency, WC improvements, better pricing and suppliers relationship.

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