Automation of materials procurement processes for the largest gold mining company in Russia

Project objective:  Development and implementaion of procurement business processes in region divisions, automation, cost reduction  

Project goals:

  • Regulation of the processes in the project scope (including control procedures)
  • Introduction of the necessary changes in the information systems (1C)
  • Data migration (supplementing open procurement specifications with missing information)
  • Preparation of operating documentation
  • Instructions for users
  • Deployment of information systems in the workplaces of new users
  • Tests of the implemented solution: Integration testing and Pilot and field testing, elimination of remarks
  • Transfer of solutions for support to Customer`s IT center.

Project deliverables:

  • Reports describing current MM (materials management) business processes
  • Models of target MM business processes
  • Regulations for target business processes
  • Design solution describing the implementation of target processes in information systems
  • Organizational Design
  • The concept of acceptance and testing results
  • Functional and integrative testing protocols
  • The concept of the instruction process
  • End user training records
  • Report on the pilot operation.

Measurable value:

Optimization of the MM cost, due to:

  • increase of responsibility of production units for procured materials and resources (introduction of targeting procurement and inventory);
  • increase of discipline level while entering documents;
  • provision of IT infrastructure required for the work with materials and resources reserves - for materially responsible persons, making the requests.
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