Global program of oilfield services transformation for the state oil company in middle Asia

Project objective: Increase of oilfield service assets efficiency based on M&A of the existing companies and outsourcing of old assets from the oil production companies.

Completed work:

  • Diagnostics of the operating model and the current structure of oilfield assets of the Company was carried out
  • A report on the analysis of the country's oilfield services market was prepared
  • The target structure, options for management models and the methodology for transforming oilfield assets of the Company were developed.
  • The mission and vision were formulated, the efficiency factor for the "Oilfield Services" business unit (BU OS) was formed.
  • Models of target management and production processes, a matrix for the distribution of authority and responsibilities of BU OS were developed
  • The target and transitional organizational structures, the distribution of the BU functionalities of OS were formed.
  • A target scheme for interaction between the BU Oil and Gas Production Unit and the BU Oilfield Services in the process of planning production activities was developed.

Project deliverables:

  • The Unified Program for the Development of Oilfield Assets of the Company was developed and agreed upon (a detailed list of activities, timeframes, resource assessment, responsibles for implementation)
  • The procedure and scheme for managing the implementation of the Program were developed.
  • A list of activities was made which aim is to form a unified communication position in the implementation of the Program
  • A list of the main risks associated with the implementation of the Program, as well as measures to manage them was formed
  • A regulation for the interaction between the Oil and Gas Production BU and the Oilfield Services BU in the process of planning production activities for the transition period was developed

Measurable value: 

Comprehensive enhancement of the company`s effectiveness; cost optimization.

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