Development of waste management reformation Program in Moscow

Project objective: To reform the municipal entities (5) engaged in waste management sector, including: new operating and financial models, technology benchmark and analysis of applicability, recommendations in changes of the whole processes through the chain of waste collection, transportation and utilization / recycling 

Completed works:

  • Current state analysis of industrial and household waste management field in Moscow.
  • Market trend analysis, SUE activity expert review, SWOT-analysis of international in the field of waste management.
  • Development of possible scenarios for restructuring the field of waste management in Moscow, selection and substantiation of the most effective model and strategy for the industry development, forming the reformation concept.
  • Development of a comprehensive strategy for reforming SUEs with the reference to the field development strategy, including proposals for changing the forms of entity, evaluation of the current economical efficiency and Enterprise development plan, as well as development of Enterprise management system elements.

Work results:

  • Comprehensive program for reforming the waste management strategy in Moscow based on the current state of Enterprises in the industry, based on the analysis of international experience in the industry, the selected development model for each enterprise and economic efficiency of the model.

Measurable value:

Result of organizational changes. In the future (as a postponed result of the program implantation) – attainment of target indicators for the recycle level and environmental impact mitigation, using the best of available technologies.

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