IT Strategy development based on the GFL (global finance and logistics) Program for the international oil company

Project objective: Transformation of the existing ERP system including business processes and methodology + new SAP platform upgrade  

Completed works:

  • Completing complex diagnostics for the current state of business processes within GFL Template perimeter along with the coverage of GFL Template processes with a SAP-based IT solution:

  • Template management
  • Integration
  • Reporting
  • Procurement and Stock
  • Business planning
  • Developing a target model for GFL template processes, a GFL template development strategy, determining a template development program, completing benchmarking with main industry world leaders, calculation of a business case for the implementation of the program and individual projects.

Work results:

  • GFL Template development strategy
  • Strategy implementation work plan
  • Strategy implementation project business case
  • Road map and a list of required activities related to the strategy implementation
  • Structure of technical specification for GFL template development
  • Target model of GFL Template processes

Measurable value:

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