Global operating model transformation of the largest oil company in middle Asia

Project objective: Replacing the role of the strategic Holding company (strategy management) to the role of operating Company with restructuring of 80-90 processes (levels 1, 2, 3); total change of org. structure, business units functions and creation of shared services centers.

Completed work:

  • The current operating model of the Holding (hierarchy levels, interaction of structural divisions at various levels of management, legal structure, strategy of the holding and its BU, etc.), main and supporting business processes were analyzed
  • The gap between the target vision (taking into account the specifics of the company and the best industry practices) and the current state was detected
  • A target operating model of the Holding was developed
    • All production and supporting processes were systematized, described and optimized;
    • A new organizational structure was developed taking into account updated processes;               
    • The transition to the centralization of supporting processes and the withdrawal of routine operations in the Shared Services Center (accounting and tax accounting, treasury, information technology and HR) was marked.
  • A comprehensive program of transition to the operating holding model was developed and a business case was analyzed.

The project’s perimeter included all holding companies BU: Exploration and Production, Oil Refining and Marketing, Oil Transportation, Gas Transportation and Marketing. Projects for key organizational and structural changes and fast-paying projects that require the lowest cost ("quick wins") were identified.

Project deliverables:

  • Target vision of the company's transition to a model of operating holding
  • A program of projects and activities in support of organizational and structural changes of the company for the medium term

Measurable value:

  • An operating model of a company that supports its objectives and is consistent with examples of leading companies in the industry
  • The cost of supporting processes reduction; improvement of the quality and speed of support processes and information flow.
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