Digital Oil Production Center development (DOPC) within the framework of the "Intellectual Oilfield" project

Project objective: First: concept creation and agreement, using benchmarks of similar digital approach in production in other western oil companies. Second: detailed business processes, methodology and tools implementation to support new concept, including restriction models, digital simulating, integrated modeling, integrated planning, maintenance management, predictive analysis.

Project background:

  • Availability of potential to increase efficiency and reduce the cost for oil production through the introduction of intelligent management technologies.
  • The revolutionary technologies (software and hardware, tools and communication channels), which allow to increase speed and efficiency in processing of massive volumes of data about operations of wells and ground infrastructure and to manage the system from a single operations center and remotely. 
  • The widespread employment of the Digital Field (Intellectual Field) technologies since the early 2000s by global oil & gas companies; active implementation of similar initiative by the client company at the corporate level of which the Center of Integrated Operations (CIO), aimed to supervise the subsidiaries' DOPCs (including target-setting and forming-up the base for decision making at the level of Exploration & Production BU level) has been developed.
  • The potential for improving the current asset production management system through the physical and process integration of corporate units and participants.

Completed work:

Stage 1 – Analysis of industry practices, lessons learned and defining of “base” for the development of DOPC target model:

  • The experience of Russian and foreign industry practices on the organization and employment of similar structures/units has been analyzed
  • Monitoring of the current stage and features of the implementation of the DOPC launch in the “pilot” Assets have been conducted, the lessons learned have been formulated.
  • The optimal set of functional, tools and competencies for creation of a target DOPC/CIO model has been determined.​​​​​

Stage 2 – Objectives, tasks, functionality, authorities, interface and KPIs of the DOPC and CIO. Competency requirements, infrastructure and information quality for the DOPC. Typical process maps (at the level 3 of detalization).

  • Objectives, tasks, functionality, authorities, interface of DOPC with subsidiaries business units have been described.
  • The future design of the Asset taking into account the appearance of the DOPC has been determined.
  • The objectives, tasks, functionality and authorities of the CIO (at the level 3 of detalization), the CIO interface with other departments of "Exploration & Production" BU have been described.
  • The interface has been formed and the process of interaction between the DOPC and CIO (at the level 3) has been described.
  • Requirements for infrastructure, employees and information support for the DOPC have been determined.
  • Maps of asset production management typical processes (at the level 3), taking into account DOPC availability have been developed.
  • The benefits from the introduction of DOPC in the Asset have been formulated. Risks analysis of new management model introduction and the possibility of their mitigation has been carried out.
  • KPIs for the DOPC and CIO have been identified.
  • Interface of DOPC with the Economics and Finances division has been described (in the relevant part)
  • The roles of DOPC/CIO in terms of compliance with Industrial Safety policy have been defined.

Stage 3 – DOPC tool box

  • Requirements for the DOPC tool box have been developed.
  • High level functional and technical requirements to software and hardware solutions of DOPC have been developed.

Stage 4 – Transition Plan and Rollup Approach 

  • Assets diagnostics in terms of “Intellectual field” program requirements has been carried out.
  • A preliminary plan for the transition to the target model of each Russian Asset of "Exploration and Production" BU has been developed.
  • Criteria and rules for rollout the target DOPC model for new Assets in the BU portfolio have been developed.

Values from the project implementation:

  • Detachment of medium-term modeling and analytics functional. Specialization in the preparation of optimal tactical decisions on Well management.
  • Potential for achieving a balance of priorities in making Well management decisions: maximizing of production volumes VS economic efficiency.
  • Transition to integrated planning of activities to ensure the optimal technological mode and maintain technical condition of the system. Minimization of “emergency” steps and repeated equipment stops.
  • Consolidation of the resource, release of qualified specialists for the reprofiling of their activities for the key initiatives of the Company.
  • As a result: 5-7% increase in production efficiency. 
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